Stevens County


The first public schoolhouse built in the city of Colville was originally located on the south side of town, close to the city park. It was later moved to First Avenue and Elm Street, eventually making it’s way to the Keller Heritage Park. It was built in 1874 by local labor, including that of John U. Hofstetter, a leader in civic and educational endeavors.

The interior of the log building contains replicas of the board benches and slanting tables that were used by the pupils in the school. Two or three pupil sat at a desk arranged in rows with the younger students closest to the teacher. The potbelly stove that sat in the corner of the single room, alternately scorched or froze the occupants in the room.

During the late 1800’s the number of primary schools in Stevens County increased from seven to thirty-five. Many towns flourished due to the influx of settlers, accelerated by the construction of the railroad which arrived in the late 1890’s.