Research Fee Schedule


The Jim McMillan Research and Reference Library is operated by the Stevens  County Historical Society, a not for profit organization. As such, it operates from  donations from the public and grants from public and private sources. In order to  operate the library it is necessary to charge fees to help cover its costs. Society  members may do personal research for one (1) family without charges, but will need  to pay for copies etc.

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1. Library staff will use their discretion in making judgment calls regarding individual  situations when using the Fee Schedule.

2. Research done by staff will have a $25.00 basic fee. This will include the first two  hours of research done. Extensive searches could incur additional fees. A handling charge  may be applied to cover copies and postage.  The research will be limited to information held in the SCHS library.

3. In rare instances individuals are allowed ‘to review materials. There is a minimum  charge of $20.00 per hour per person for research done by individuals. This includes the  help provided by library staff in locating materials.  K-12 students doing school assignments may be exempt from basic fee, but will be  charged for copies, photographs etc.

4. Following is the fee schedule for copies of photographs from the library collection.  These copies will be made on the scanner and printed in the library. Copy machine copies  will not be made from the photograph collection.

  • Exact copy — $20.00
  • Enlargement — an additional $10.00
  • Retouching/repair — an additional $15.00

5. Copier machine copies will be $.15 each. Copies of photographs will be made for a fee  of $10.00 per photograph.

6. Individuals or organizations doing research for others will use the individual per hour  fee.

7. Individuals or organizations requesting the use of library holdings or photographs for  profit or fund raising must negotiate their fee prior to beginning the research. The  President of the Society, or designee, shall be the individual to represent the society in  this negotiation. The release form for this purpose in located in the Policy and Procedures  Manual.  Approved by the Board of Directors August 2014.

Research request form